CAPPY Nominations

Nominations with narratives are due by April 29.

To facilitate more efficient processing of CAPPY Award nominations, ACAAA requests that CAAs submit their nominees’ name in advance of the narratives. This will allow ACAAA staff to prepare certificates and complete other necessary tasks while agencies take more time to compose the narrative portion of the nominations which will be submitted to a panel of judges.

Agencies can submit ONE nomination per category.

These awards are intended to highlight outstanding achievements in 3 categories:

Each agency can submit one nomination for each category. Please note: All CAPPY Award nominations must either be made by the agency’s executive director, or made with the express approval of the agency’s director.

Nominations will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges. Judges will review narrative descriptions of each nominee’s accomplishments and select winners in each category.

Please feel free to provide photographs, copies of media coverage, and other supportive evidence of the impact made by the nominated programs and staff members.

All individual nominees will receive a certificate of recognition. Category winners will receive a trophy. All nominees and winners will be recognized during the 2016 ACAAA Closing Session on Friday morning, May 27.