Board & Staff

  • Jennifer Welter
    Executive Director, Community Action Program for Central Arkansas, Inc. (CAPCA)

    Jennifer Welter
  • Delia Anderson Farmer
    Executive Director, Economic Opportunity Agency of Washington County, Inc. (EOAWC)

    Delia Anderson Farmer
    Vice President
  • Richard “Toby” Atkinson
    Executive Director, Ozark Opportunities, Inc. (OOI)

    Richard “Toby” Atkinson
  • Randy Morris
    Chief Executive Officer, Central Arkansas Development Council, Inc. (CADC)

    Randy Morris
  • Rhonda Ahrent
    Chief Executive Officer, Black River Area Development Corp. (BRAD)

    Rhonda Ahrent
  • Staci Albert
    Executive Director, North Central Arkansas Development Council, Inc. (NADC)

    Staci Albert
  • Marc Baker
    Executive Director, Crawford-Sebastian Community Development Council, Inc. (C-SCDC)

    Marc Baker
  • Leslie Barnes
    Executive Director, Community Services Office, Inc. (CSO)

    Leslie Barnes
  • Hayley Brakebill
    Executive Director, Central Delta Community Action Agency (CDCAA)

    Hayley Brakebill
  • Stephanie Garner
    Chief Executive Officer, Arkansas River Valley Area Council, Inc. (ARVAC)

    Stephanie Garner
  • Priscilla Johnson
    Executive Director, Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission, Inc. (MCAEOC)

    Priscilla Johnson
  • Michael Jones
    Executive Director, Southeast Arkansas Community Action Corp. (SEACAC)

    Michael Jones
  • Bobbie Salter
    Executive Director, Mid-Delta Community Services, Inc. (MDCS)

    Bobbie Salter
  • Jeremy Wooldridge
    Chief Executive Officer, Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Inc. (CRDC)

    Jeremy Wooldridge
    Terry Bearden
    Terry Bearden
    Executive Director

    Terry Bearden is the executive director of the Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association and serves as president of the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers and as vice-president of the Region VI Community Action Association boards of directors. She is a member of the NCAP Equity and Economic Mobility Commission, Arkansas Public Policy Panel Economic Justice and Civil Rights caucuses, Center of Excellence Steering Committee, State Association Think Tank, State Association ROMA Work Group, and CSBG Working Group. Terry is a Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) Master Trainer, University of Connecticut Family Development Credential Program Instructor and Portfolio Advisor, and graduate of the University of Central Arkansas Community Development Institute–Central. Throughout her 22-year community action career, Terry has been a member of numerous coalitions, task forces, and work groups and has spoken, served on panels, and led workshops at local, state, regional, and national conferences. Terry holds an Associate Degree from the University of Arkansas System eVersity and will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in early 2023, fulfilling her long-delayed dream of obtaining a post-secondary education.

    Tomekia Moore
    Tomekia Moore
    Projects & Development Director

    In her position as Professional Development Director, Tomekia Moore will coordinate and provide in-person and virtual professional development and certification opportunities for executives, administrative and program managers, direct service staff, and board members of nonprofit organizations. She will also implement existing learning & professional development strategies for association member agencies and design custom training modules to meet identified skills development needs. Tomekia will Serve as administrator of the ACAAA-Demix Learning Management System (LMS) and encourage engagement with the variety of training opportunities provided by ACAAA.