Legislative Action

A critical component of ACAAA’s mission is to give a unified voice to the interests of Arkansas’s Community Action Agencies and the citizens of this state that they serve.

As the next legislative session approaches, ACAAA will be vigorously pursuing its role as an advocate for legislative efforts that are in keeping with the spirit of Community Action.

Please like and follow ACAAA’s Facebook and Twitter feeds—we will be keeping you apprised as new materials become available here with the latest on developments of interest to those committed to this cause.

In the meantime, for those seeking more information about their current legislators, you can visit the websites for the Arkansas State Senate and the Arkansas House of Representatives.

If you are uncertain of who your legislator is, you can visit Arkansas.gov’s interactive map and enter your address to find out. In order to determine your national legislators, you may visit the Open Congress website, which will allow you to search by zip code.