History of the War on Poverty Workshop

On December 4 & 5, ACAAA will be hosting the “History of the War on Poverty” workshop, hosted by David Bradley, CEO of the National Community Action Foundation, in the ACAAA Training Center, located at 1111 West 6th Street in Little Rock.  (A registration form appears at the bottom of this page.)

Join David Bradley as he goes through over fifty years of the history of the War on Poverty and Community Action with his unique insight and rarely-seen archival footage.

The Workshop takes all participants on  journey from LBJ declaring an “unconditional War on Poverty” in 1964 through Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity.” With more than 8 hours of video and audio archives and enlightening discussions, the 2-day War on Poverty Workshop offers the most in-depth history of the War on Poverty and Community Action to date.  Having been intimately involved with CSBG an Community Action Agencies since their creation in 1981, Bradley offers tremendous insight into the intricacies and hardships involving the 50-year-plus War on Poverty.  This workshop’s a must-see for Community Action veterans and those new to the network alike!